Blacks In Government (BIG) IRS - New Carrollton Chapter (NCC)

BIG-IRS NCC New Carrollton Chapter



Enable all present and future Black employees in local, state and federal governments to have the ability to maximize their opportunities and provide a mechanism for inclusion, growth and advocacy.


• Advocacy for equal opportunity for Blacks in government
• Elimination of practices of racism and racial discrimination against Blacks in government
• Promotion of professionalism among Blacks in government
• Development and promotion of programs that enhance ethnic pride and educational opportunities for --Blacks in government
• Establishment of a mechanism to gather and disseminate information to Blacks in government
• Provision of a non-partisan platform to address major issues of local, regional and national significance that affect Blacks in government.


Click here for the 2021 Blacks In Government National Officer Installation Program.
• Announcement: 2021 National Training Institute (NTI) Theme: “BIG 2021: Training Matters – Roadmap to Securing Your Career Goals! “

NTI Chair: Paula E. Davis
Deputy Chair: Melinda Deloatch-Speight
Host City Coordinator: Stephan Matthews

• IRS New Carrollton Federal Building, Blacks In Government Chapter, Installation Ceremony of the 2021 Newly Elected Officers officiated by National Board of Directors, Honorable Gary Blackmon on March 31, 2021.
• Chapter President, Paula E. Davis attended several Women History Month programs during the month of March hosted by Federal Employed Women (FEW) and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), Blacks In Government NOW Generation, National BIG Vice Presidents Women History Month Program.
• Chapter President, Paula E. Davis participated in EDI bimonthly engagement with the Employee Organizations and Employee Resource Groups on March 17, 2021, “ERG as Multipliers”.
• Recruited 4 new BIG members in the month of March and 4 renewals

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Blacks In Government (BIG)-IRS New Carrollton
P.O. Box 2166
Landover Hills, MD 20784