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BIG-IRS NCC Vendors, Small Business Owners: Showcase YOUR Business!

Traditonal Vendor ShowNEW PROCESS AS OF MARCH, 2020

Traditonal Vendor Show

Increase Visibility | Expand Your Network | GAIN EXPOSURE!

BIG IRS New Carrollton Federal Building Chapter - Showcase YOUR Business

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BIG-IRS NCC Vendor Show General Information

Welcome Small Business Owners!! We offer a great opportunity for you to showcase your products and/or services to over 3,000 federal government employees in a secure building. BIG-IRS NCFB conducts fundraising expos to support our chapter’s Community Outreach efforts. For you, this opportunity provides exposure and visibility! Our vendor shows are conducted monthly. Due to space limitations and regulations governing federal buildings, we are only authorized 14 slots for each show. Please see the information below regarding our process, procedures and costs.

The Process and Your Action

BIG Vendor Process/Steps


1. Announce, Acknowledge, Register/Pay and Confirm all in ONE day!

• ANNOUNCE – An email blast will be sent out with vendor show date/time.

• ACKNOWLEDGE – Building Process and Procedures.

• REGISTER/PAY – Select ONE business category.

• CONFIRM – Receive immediate confirmation to participate in the show.

Note: No manual selection process. The tables will be first come first served in the dedicated business categories. You may only register for ONE business category. If we have tables remaining we will send out another email blast until all tables are reserved. .

Cost to Participate

BIG Vendor cost


Table Donations are:

  • One 6' table (BIG Member) = $52.25
  • One 6' table (non BIG Member) = $57.25

* Discount Code: In order to take advantage of the discounted donation rate and receive the donation code please email with your membership number. * Please note donations are non-refundable and non transferable and only applicable to the vendor show you are currently registering for.

Show Expectations & Responsibilities

BIG Vendor Security

1. ARRIVALS: All vendors arrive to the loading dock of IRS Building A. -

  • Do Not, pull in and park directly in front of IRS Building A. Go directly to the loading dock located on Ellin Rd. Look for signage that says "Loading Dock."
  • Arrival and setup begins promptly at 8:00 am and concludes at 8:45 am.
  • ALL packages, carts, etc. (except small bags) must go through the loading dock. This entrance must be used to drop off and pick up all bulk items. You are allowed to drop off your items, go park at the Metro, and then walk into Building A (go through security), be escorted by a BIG government employee to retrieve your belongings and escorted to your vendor table.

2. PARKING: Parking is only allowed at the New Carrollton Metro Station.

You are encouraged to park at the metro station (for a small fee) which is a short walking distance directly across the street from IRS Building A. You will ONLY be allowed to use Building A to enter and exit the building.

3. SECURITY ACCESS LIST: This is a federal government building with strict security guidelines and procedures for entering, exiting, and navigating through the building.

  • All vendors' names will be provided to security. Once you arrive, vendors must go through the security of IRS Building A to gain a visitor's pass.
  • While on the premises, at all times, you MUST be escorted by a BIG government employee.
  • At all times please ensure you have all vending information and personal identification present.


  • Vendor show ends at 2:00 pm and all vendors should be packed and ready to be escorted to the loading dock by 2:45 pm. 
  • All vendors must be escorted out of the building no later than 3:00 pm. 
Vendor Responsibilities & Additional Notices:

BIG Vendor Responsabilities


1. Banquet Tablecloth - cover ENTIRE table, including the legs of the table.

2. Professional and Organized Set-up

3. Advertisement Contact Information displayed

4. No bins, boxes or other distracting items in front of or beside the vending table


  • Security will be enforced and there will be absolutely no walking in the building without an escort, even to the restrooms and cafeteria. If you choose to not follow any of the policies, we will remove you from our vendor email listing and the building immediately. 
  • No music is allowed to be played.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event that you must cancel, please contact us within 48 hours prior to the vendor show date.
  • Any vendor reporting to the site after 9:00 am will forfeit their table. 
  • If a vendor is a "NO CALL/NO SHOW" you risk possibly being removed from the vendor notification email listin


BIG NCC Bronze Donors

BIG-IRS NCC Vendors, Small Business Owners: Showcase YOUR Business!

Vendor Gold Sponsorship Program

Note: Donation is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

NOTE: Dates are tentative but we will ensure alternative dates stay within the same month. Show participation must be within the same month. No date transfers. Show Time: 8 AM to 2PM

SPRING Vendor Gold Sponsorship Program

BIG IRS NCC Chapter announces that our 2019 SPRING Vendor Gold Sponsorship Program is open for four slots! The purpose of this program is to provide small business owners the opportunity to increase your brand awareness, provide an awesome consistent vendor opportunity and sales increase potential. During our launch of this program our four slots sold out in two days. So if you are interested please act fast and secure your spot. Slots are first come first served.


  • Participate in one vendor show per month over the next three consecutive months (April, May and June).
  • Reserve Prime Table Location. 
  • "No additional registration required during the three consecutive month period.
  • Flat fee of $250 donation covers for all three months.
  • One 6'ft table 


One Time Donation - $250 in 1 payment

Plus processing fee with PayPal payment.



If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us Monday - Friday, 9AM - 3PM. Please contact Nikki Ashe 202-251-6291 | or Martha Shephard BIG IRS NCC Chapter, Fundraiser Chair and Co-Chair Fundraiser

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Blacks In Government (BIG)-IRS New Carrollton
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